Sky Battle 2021

A Guillow's Lancer/Javelin flyoff!

2nd chance window:

May 29-June 6

Because the weather was so crummy in April...

SIG Cub postal contest info coming soon!

Postal Contest rules:


For rubber-powered free-flight Guillow's Lancer or Javelin models. 

Must be "built to the plan", no major modifications.


  • Stock prop diameter, with landing gear in place

  • Any covering-material is OK

  • Any size rubber motor is OK

  • Deletion of those snappy-looking cheek cowls is allowed

This is a "postal" contest, where pilots fly their models at their home field, and report results to headquarters by email.


Official flights must be made between Saturday April 24, 2021and Sunday April 25, 2021.


​Each pilot may make unlimited attempts to get his or her single longest flight time. 


  • Use a stopwatch or smartphone timer app

  • Hand-launch is OK

  • Timing starts at model launch and stops when the model touches the ground, goes out of sight during flight, or lands on any structure, tree, etc


​One entry per pilot.  No entry fee.

Ask questions and report your results to
by April 27, 2021
Please include names of pilot and timer, single best flight time, and pilot's date of birth.
A photo is welcome but not required.

Winners will be announced in 3 age categories:


(a) JUNIORS - Under 15 years of age

(b) SENIORS - 15 years of age to 19 years of age

(c) OPEN -19 or more years of age