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Sky Battle 2023

One-Design postal contest for


is here!


​​Contest flight-window is

July 26 to August 6, 2023!



PuzzlePlane designer Bill Watson

Postal Contest rules:



  • Model must be a "PuzzlePlane" free-flight rubber-powered.

  • Official flights must be made within the contest flight-window.

  • Unlimited flight attempts, your best single duration is your score.

  • Under 18 years of age compete in Junior/Senior class, over 18 flies in Open class.

  • Report your score, name, age class, and whether you flew indoor or outdoor at

  • Model must be “built to the plan” but minor alterations are allowed, like a different prop, any covering material you like, any size rubber motor, etc.

This is a "postal" contest, where pilots fly their models at their home field, and report results to headquarters by email.


The "PuzzlePlane Bomber" is the official 2023 OFFC One-Design model!

It was designed by Bill Watson.  Howard Littman markets an excellent laser-cut kit.  You can build yours from free plans instead, if you prefer.

Build-and-fly video at:

Request free plans from:

Laser-cut kit can be purchased at:

Ask questions and report your results to

Please include pilot's name, best flight time, and age category you are competing in.


PuzzlePlane Plan, (if download will work)

​Each pilot may make unlimited attempts to get his or her single longest flight time. 


  • Use a stopwatch or smartphone timer app.

  • Timing starts at model launch and stops when the model touches the ground, goes out of sight during flight, or lands on any structure, tree, etc


​One entry per pilot.  No entry fee.

Winners will be announced

in 2 age categories:


JUNIOR/SENIOR - Under 18 years of age

OPEN -19 or more years of age

Entries with no age info are placed in Open category!

Skybattle contests are presented and sponsored by The Secret Sky Squadron, a shadowy group whose members are shrouded in mystery. 

The Secret Sky Squadron promotes and supports old-school model aviation among air-minded pilots young and old.  Skybattle postal contests are thinly-veiled plots to ensnare new recruits into this sport...
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