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Sky Battle 2024

Postal contest for

"Bagged Slip-Together Balsa Airplane Kits That Come With Wheels"

Which is a very long name!


​​Contest flight-window is

April 26 to May 5, 2024

Results are being tabulated!


jetstream pic_edited_edited.jpg

Note how all of these planes come with landing gear, and are all-balsa slip-together style?

Postal Contest rules:


Model must be a bagged slip-together all-balsa rubber-powered model airplane that comes with wheels, free-flight rubber-powered.

  • Official flights must be made within the contest flight-window.

  • Unlimited flight attempts, your best single duration is your score.

  • Under 18 years of age compete in Junior/Senior class, over 18 flies in Open class.

  • All official flights must take off from the ground or a tabletop etc.

  • Models can fly in Stock class (with only added dihedral and upgraded motor allowed) or Modified class (which allows airframe changes but with only the wood in the kit).  Any size rubber motor is allowed.

  • Report flight duration (score), pilot age, model class (Stock or Modified) at

This is a "postal" contest, where pilots fly their models at their home field, and report results to headquarters by email.


The popular Guillow's Strato Streak and Jetstream models are eligible, along with many others like the Sleek Streek (original or repro from  or Testors models or any other product you can find which meets the rules.

guillows-flying-machine-balsa-motorplane box.jpg
Ask questions and report your results to

Please include pilot's name, best flight time, and age category you are competing in.


This type of model airplane has been
around for almost 100 years!

​Each pilot may make unlimited attempts to get his or her single longest flight time. 


  • Use a stopwatch or smartphone timer app.

  • Timing starts at model launch and stops when the model touches the ground, goes out of sight during flight, or lands on any structure, tree, etc


​Each pilot may enter one

or both classes. 

No entry fee.

Winners will be announced

in 2 age categories:


JUNIOR/SENIOR - Under 18 years of age

OPEN -18 or more years of age

Entries with no age info are placed in Open category!

Skybattle contests are presented and sponsored by The Secret Sky Squadron, a shadowy group whose members are shrouded in mystery. 

The Secret Sky Squadron promotes and supports old-school model aviation among air-minded pilots young and old.  Skybattle postal contests are thinly-veiled plots to ensnare new recruits into this sport...
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